18 September, 2008

Back in the US(A)

Jet lag can bring a grown woman to her knees. Or rather "reentry" issues -- going to the grocery store today just about had me hysterical.

Or maybe I'm just getting "old." It seemed to me that more than 1/2 the brands I was used to looking for had "new packaging" or the old item just isn't there any more.

Who knew it would take multiple people to help me find the honey -- which wasn't with the baking stuff, or any other "normal place." Ditto on the help needed to find spray starch, which was "buried" among the ga-zillion kinds of liquid laundry softeners. All eggs seem to be very large and in large containers. Soups come in pop-top cans.

I had to look a lot for some sourdough bread, which is never the case in California. "Sparkling" water comes in a) expensive Italian stuff or b) sparkling "seltzer" (I don't want my water to taste like baking soda, thank you) or c) another brand which cleverly has a tiny fruit at the bottom of the label which I missed, so I came home with Sparkling water a la pomegranate.

But I did find our favorite tea (Stash lemon ginger) and a husband-pleaser: cookies and cream ice cream!

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Jessica said...

When we came back from KZ in 2005, I almost lost it in Tyson's Corner -- after two years of the ultimate shopping experience being the Ramstor, I was totally overwhelmed. Always part of the process, I think!