27 July, 2008

A morning's work

what fun, right? It was amazing what we got rid of: cassette tapes, an old computer monitor that would have taken up the whole top of the desk area that I use now, old posters, a 220v turntable, and more. But we saved a pile of bubble wrap to reuse. The garage got a quick once over; it was "minor" as I had been trying to keep on top of it for a while.Lots more "little" piles/closets and drawers to do, but all manageable until the end.

Ravelry will be holding summer "Olympics" -- I've decided to join the WIPs Wrestling group (only group for those WIPs/UFOs) and use that time to work on those Latvian mittens.

The week went by quickly with guests, and ended with more PT, a haircut and a trip to the local yarn store. I was able to get more Taiga goat's down yarn and bought a ball of Taiga merino to try for socks. The other fun purchase was some 100% Russian linen that I'll use for a woodland shawl.

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Francesca said...

I almost got an anxiety attack looking at your "morning's work". =:o