20 June, 2008

More finds from the closet

When you have an allergy-riddled brain you absolutely don't feel like going out to social events, but after a "magic shot" that will hopefully calm things down, there's not much more you can do except continue with the sorting for moving that will go on for the next two months. Things just come off the shelves, get oooohed and ahhed over, or gone through. So I'm spending the evening in my office/studio/sewing rooom instead of going out.

"Nina" and "Ivan" have been with us since Moscow in the mid '80s. It's amazing how one's face never ages when it is plastic. The couple used to be guardians of our linen closet, but somehow, they never made it to the "banya" towel closet this time around.

This gem below is a totally silk and embroidered portfolio cover from Kyrgyzstan.

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Dee D said...

Maryjo - The embroidered portfolio cover is stunning. What a wonderful way to combine several interests. Denise (Bria on Ravelry)