20 June, 2008

Memes, challenges and lists

Amidst my tissues and still runny eyes this morning, I'm looking at some blogs and seeing a small challenge about next years' knitting goals - what you want to knit, what you would like to learn more about, etc.

I actually finished sorting my yarn/fabric stash closet last night, and set aside a few things for the suitcase. I thought I actually might make my own list to try and "crystallize" what I think I can do in the next 3-6 months, given that I and our stuff will be in transit for quite a while.

For the suitcase
have two balls of Regia sock yarn for jaywalkers or another pattern (must decide on pattern and put pattern and needles in bag)

take partially finished Estonian mittens to work on (using KnitPicks Palette)

take shawl project: haven't decided on alpaca baby silk for or Alchemy Haiku for the Print o'the wave. I'm thinking the Haiku just might not be a good travel yarn.

take 2 balls of camel yarn to mail to Ann (unfortunately the local label does NOT have the picture of a camel on it)

take Victorian Lace Today book, conveniently republished in paperback/flat form

maybe take 2 balls Misti Alpaca

take ALL circular needles :)

take pouch with knitting notions

I spent $$ and last night downloaded the KnitAble programs for both my desktop and Palm, and also added CountAble. That way, I can transfer stuff I have information wise already in Ravelry to the Palm Centro, and then will have that if I find (cough) a LYS and also be able to use info when I'm traveling and not up on a computer.

and to finish before we leave:
Evelyn Clark Heartland shawl
Latvian mitten #2 from Schoolhouse Press KAL

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