22 June, 2008

If I lose my suitcase and don't have internet ...

We have spent a good part of the weekend setting up and downloading data and special "programs" for my Palm Centro. We have finally gotten KnitAble to work (and take the data AND sync) so I want to put some future wish list projects in it.

As it's easier to type all the stuff first someplace, I thought I'd make up my "wish list" for shawls while we are traveling/waiting for stuff to arrive -- I can always find a yarn store for needles and wool.

Working on + 3/4 finished:
Evelyn Clark's Heartland Shawl

cast on, first repeat of many:
Voyager, in Classic Elite Provence (cotton)

"beauties" I want to eventually do and that are on my computer in documents download file:
Print o the wave Stole
Juno Regina Stole
Swallowtail Shawl
Hanami Stole have paid download
Woodland Shawl
Luna Moth Shawl
Orenburg Triangular Shawl have scan from personal copy of Pieceowrk Magazine
Shetland Triangle from IK Wrap Style book; have download
Lace Leaf Shawl from Fibertrends leaflet (need to scan)
Icarus have paid download
Adamas Shawl
Japanese Feather Stole or Scarf
Twinings have paid download
Candle Flame Shawl (looks like it is for heavier type yarn; errata on Ravelry
Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl
Bleeding Hearts Stole Spring 08 IKnits scan
Mountain Peaks have paid download
Ostrich Plumes Stole or Scarf don't have yet
Sea and Shell Stole
Starlight evening wrap need to buy

is that enough? I'm sure .... LOL I will be lucky to get two done, maybe. But it's fun to think about.

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Francesca said...

Good golly, woman… that'll keep you busy for half a dozen transcontinental moves!