20 May, 2008

What did we do before Ravelry? but Clapotis still going strong!

I can't knit much today -- dinner guests, PT for the shoulder (and therefore discomfort) but boy is Ravelry busy! I belong to a lot of groups -- mainly for the information as I often forget what a group is "called."

I'm also trying to think of summer travel plan knitting, so I'm looking at shawls. And GASP -- the Clapotis. Amazing, I've never done one, but what a great shawl for my shoulder issues. I have some Classic Elite Provence cotton that might just do the trick.

And of course there are groups for the Clapotis (Second Wave, no less!) on Blogger.

But when you poke around wonderful things always turn up. If you belong to Ravelry, take a look at the beautiful sock a group is doing:
the zum dirndl test/create-along Yarnissima pattern. Now that's a serious sock!

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