19 May, 2008

Things to do ... from piles on the office/sewing room floor

It is another Monday, with a heavy scheduled next 14 days ahead of us - so it goes.

That also means time to deal with the never-ending piles I seem to have around me, on the floor, no less:

Caprice 100% wool from Germany, imported for the Russian Vita label: to swatch for this stole/scarf (Twingings from Knitspot)

Caprice is a variegated soft wool; they also had a gorgeous light blue variation in the shop, but I restrained myself until I could swatch.

some reading

what I am sure will be a fascinating read and good memory of my visit to southwest China about 2 years ago

this book is by Elizabeth Wayland Barber, an American archaeologist and expert on textiles
still first in the ongoing and working queue of many WIPs

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