13 May, 2008

Camels and tigers and bears ... just camels

ablueskye from Ravelry and I went yarn shopping last week -- among other things, she found some camel blend yarn. I've heard she's also just about finished with the sweater -- must be quite warm!

I went back today and got 4 skeins -- 2 in a light chocolate brown and 2 in a "dirt brown". Turns out this yarn is manufactured in Russia east of the Urals near the Kazakhstan border, is 50% camel hair and 50% acrylic, and is sold in the US under the taigayarns.com label. With the lofty name of Baron, no less! The local stuff does NOT have the camel on the label though. Too bad.

Ann M in Norway -- two of these have your name on them. They'll make warm (big) socks. I'll eventually get them to you!

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Pinneguri said...

I look so forward to go camel walking :D)))