12 May, 2008

"Tezhelyy" Monday

There is a saying in Russian that Monday's are always hard/difficult, as in getting back to work from a nice weekend and more.

It's a hard word to spell properly -- it is basically pronounced te zho li (hard).

Anyway, that's my day so far! Wanted to knit, but couldn't find my iPod. Which means it was time to start cleaning up most of the many piles of paper everywhere in the study. Then there was the normal Monday cleaning up going on around me, so knitting in a calm atmosphere with no noise wasn't working either.

So I decided to start photographing my stash so while/after we move later this year I'll know what I have.

The internet is VERY slow right now. So that makes photos hard to download. So, I'm just having a cappuccino!

And I did find the iPod.

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