10 May, 2008

Latvian mitten KAL: how to get a few gray hairs

I thought my first attempts at color choices were too "blendy", so I frogged (gnashing my teeth the whole time) back to the braid and added red-orange to the green. TOO bright: in real life it is REALLY orangy.

Then I added a row of blue, thinking it would off-set the red-orange some.


I'm dumping this, and probably even the black background. The "black" is too precious to waste, and I really don't want to knit something I don't like.

Off to a picnic, then will come back to look at the stash and see what else I might do. I don't think I have enough of that bright blue anyway. Good that I am stepping away from this for a few hours.

It's definitely a learning experience with how the colors sit on top of each other.


Francesca said...

Pity about the frogging and disappointment, but I admire your determination to get just the effect you want. Color is such a tricky and personal thing. Good luck with the next color test!

freebird said...

Color is personal! Frankly, I like the bright combination you have here. I tend to like things that shout "here I am" and the more colors the better. My sisters would all agree with your decision though.