09 May, 2008

Thurs: Ravelry in Kz Fri: detour from mitten

Ravelry in Kazakhstan: Who knew? (but of course we didn't think about taking a picture of ourselves -- next time!)

I went with a fellow Raveler (yay, even here in Kz!) to a yarn store on Thursday -- she got some camel yarn and I got some various balls of different kinds of alpaca to try. (I'm definitely going back to get some of that camel!)

So yesterday I swatched with this:
with the pattern Alhambra from Knitspot

This worked out VERY nicely and I hope to go back next week to load up for shawls. It's not too thin, had a soft feel and although looks fuzzy, isn't really. I downloaded two things from Knitspot so I can get to those eventually this summer, and all the other shawls I'd like to do. I really need to see all these other alpacas that others are using for the "famous" (swallowtail, Icarus, etc) shawls before I buy them. But this local stuff will be fine.

Med Pinner found a Scandinavian company with a similar logo ... hmm!!!

mitten progress:

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