04 May, 2008

Latvian mitten KAL: day one

I'm going to try and post my progress to see that I "make" progress.

I wish I had another set of these needles, as then I would immediately cast on for the second cuff, a la the work of Bemused. I have lots of 2.0 mm needles, but they all seem a tiny bit different. This pair is probably Inox, and I'm already bending them. Upon casting on, I immediately had to start over as the first colors I chose barely had an difference in them when combined. So, frog to black for the main background color.


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Francesca said...

What kind of cast-on is that? I've never seen a "fringe" cast-on before; I thought the fringe was something added at the end. I am intrigued. Please, do tell.