04 May, 2008

Latvian mitten KAL: end of day one

It's been one of "those" days where I just should have stopped knitting. I got through round one of the braid, didn't like something, and drew out all the needles to start over.

And spent the rest of the day starting over. My count would be wrong, or a group got twisted, or the rest of the day was a frustrating coming "undone" of one or two of the fringe stitches at the edges of a needle. So, back to the beginning tomorrow. Can't quite figure out how it was "fine" the first time I did it and then all the rest of the times something came "loose."

For Francesca: the fringe is knitted on right away -- wrapping 3 loops around your index finger, and then pulling top part of the group through as you knit, leaving loops behind you. It's a little "messy" the first couple of times, and then in my case, something kept coming undone.

I'll think about it tomorrow, says Scarlett.

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