09 February, 2008

When the cat's away ....

it sure stays busy in blogland!

I've been away, came back to a busy week, so I was stunned when I got home last night and "attempted" to look at my Bloglines lists.

There were so many comments just to read from Sharon's B's blog that I was too tired and gave up. This morning I took another look and thought, hmm, I'm not sure I'll catch up. But I'm still taking a few peaks, so I'm thrilled I didn't miss Franklin's posts with the shot of his-about-to-be published book cover. And the Yarn Harlot had a little kerfluffle going on. But if you aren't in the middle of those blog comments "back and forths" when they happen, you really just don't "get it."

So, hopefully on Tuesday I might get a chance to think more about Sharon's February challenge. I do know, though, I will NOT be going with my original post (2nd month in a row that has happened, interesting). I realized that if I used the same format and used some "mustard" colors, it would just be TOO much "orange" and rather unattractive.

So, back to the drawing board, or rather to the WIPs "stash." One of my modest goals for participating in this challenge was to take my WIP's "further". I'm not in a "time position" right now to do anything that requires a lot of independent thinking and work.

I found a couple of ideas in one of my fabric tubs -- fabrics sorted in blacks and grays and burnt oranges for THIS Robert Kaufmman free pattern
where I could switch my colors around.

The other pattern I found in the "one day" pile: a Gwen Marston liberated log cabin design. I won't try this -- don't have enough time in February!

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