09 February, 2008

What to take traveling?

I have a LOT of WIPs, knitting wise, going on.

None are particularly suited to taking traveling, though -- too many colors to change, too many dpns going on, too big of a chart - you name it.

So right before I left last week I found some "new" yarn here: Alpaca Wool by Vita, a Russian import. It is Turkish yarn, processed through Germany, and marketed in Russia. The feel is lovely, and it comes in a nice variety of colors, and is practical at 100 grams/300 meters for 3-3.5 mm knitting.

I started, in red, the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl which is supposed to be for beginning lace knitters. It's a lovely pattern, and easy to work in the car, while you are waiting for meetings .... WAIT!!

I look at the pattern right now and SEE that I didn't do the repeats right! Oh dear -- I'll have to frog it! And try figure out WHY I wasn't reading the repeats right.

Luckily, Ravelry has a great lace group where I can plead ignorance and I know someone will help me.

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