03 February, 2008

Take It Further February: adding to an old WIP

For the February challenge, I had originally thought I would do something with the "mustard" as the dominant color.

But as I was going through my fabric tubs, I found some hibernating Sylvia Einstein style "Magic Square" style blocks that are half done. I love them, and so adding the mustard/gold will give the cool blue nature of the blocks some warmth. Check out Sylvia's left side bar links and look at her work to see what movement she gets with fabric and ONE template piece!

So, throwing the 1/2 done blocks on the guest bedroom bed (in no particular order) with some additional fabrics, here is my starting point:

My goal for February is to get them pieced, as that is all that I will be able to manage within the month.

And I wonder which of these pieces will end up working with the blues:
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And I also found my missing:
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1 comment:

Debra Spincic said...

Those golds will be perfect with the blues. Maybe you can use an assortment of golds-very nice grouping!