01 February, 2008

Slow cloth in the media, fast sounds with threads

take a look, thanks to the link provided at Red Thread Studio's
Jan. 31 blog entry, at the New York Times article "The Slow Life Picks Up speed" by Penelope Green.

(Sharon B from In a Minute Ago drew our attention to this blog in her Dec. 15 posting.)

Speaking of speed, I had a strange sensory experience yesterday. I was actually sewing for a few minutes on my Jan TIF challenge, using silk thread on silk. There is a certain "sound" that silk sewing makes -- hard to explain, but you know it when you hear it. And when you go faster, the sound changes. I was thinking how lucky I was that I "didn't have to go fast" and that I was even more fortunate I don't have to sew for a living. I have seen women sew and whip stitch things VERY quickly; but again, they had to.

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