31 January, 2008

Take It Further Challenge February and what I did in January

It's February. And yet another -20 something degree Celsius day outside. January 's TIF is in "slow cloth" motion waiting to be worked on/finished.

But time waits for no one, and here is February's color challenge by Sharon B. of In a Minute Ago

I already have color ideas: I look at these two postcards every day on my bulletin board next to my desk.
The Boy with Anchor is by Winslow Homer, 1873, from the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The bottom postcard is part of the facade of the (2005 renovated) de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco.

There are many colors in these two pieces that are similar, and just about right for February's color challenge. I love this combination, and one sees it also in some of the art and lacquer work of Shibata Zeshin

Two lacquer boxes by Shibata Zeshin:

Back to January:
I realized a few things about myself in January -- or rather what I do or like to do with my time.

First, there is LIFE (stuff you have to do).

Then, I like to knit or sew or and read (books and on the internet). I HAVE to do at least one of these three things a day to stay sane. I found at the beginning of January I wasn't knitting much and I really missed it. So I tried to find a balance between that and the challenge -- didn't do so well on finishing up the challenge (yet), and I'm still thinking about the final stitching pattern.

Oh, and I still go to PT -- things are getting way better with the shoulder issues!


Aussie Jo said...

Hi Maryjo, I found your blog via the TIF challenge, which I'm not doing , but love browsing all the interesting pieces.(study, work, 4 children)
I'm about to post on my blog and thought you might be interested. I picked up a mint condition Singer macine embroidery manual at an Op Shop for 20c but it has no publication date. i'm wondering how old it actually is. Original price was 5 shillings.
I love your blog and sympathise with your organising materials dilemma. I was just looking at all my stuff yesterday, and trying to find things and decided I have to do something about it.

MaryjoO said...

thanks for dropping by! And I think it's great you are "browsing" the TIF challenge -- it's amazing what work people do and share.
I just looked at your Singer embroidery booklet -- how lucky! Do drop by a note on the ISMACs site http://www.ismacs.net/
with a link to your photo -- I KNOW someone there will help you date the booklet.
There is also an Australia chapter:
off to peek at your blog! Maryjo

Aussie Jo said...

Hi Maryjo,
The fabric in the cushions is an upholstery fabric. They also have a co-ordinating stripe in the same colourway so I'll have to make more cushions.