29 January, 2008

Wish list: a personal yarn valet

There are a few of us "old enough" who do remember the days when we were "young" and we waited for Christmas or birthdays to buy/get things. Or wish for things.

What I wish for, in my dreams, is a closet with shelves for WIPs.

Wouldn't that be divine? You could just have your WIPs on a shelf, ready to grab when you 1) can only do a few rows of stockinette or

2) have a free afternoon to work on a lace project or 3) ... fill in the blanks.

I wonder if a "personal yarn valet" exists to organize your WIPS as you pick them up and put them down, but also has them ready for you at a moment's notice? Maybe that's even better than a closet with shelves! To be fair, though, Ravelry has done a great job helping us organize things, including personal yarn "stashes."

Right now I'm in the unfortunate situation of having to clean up my sewing room/office before I can do anything more, including working on the TIF challenge -- January is almost over.

Oh, and I almost forgot another wish: a shelf for books and magazines ready to be read!

1 comment:

Guzzisue said...

so many wonderful books, so little time!!! Thinking about TIF feb challenge whilst trying to tidy up:)