17 May, 2007

Mid May

I have finally figured out we are "April in May" here with the trees finally coming out. More trees and shrubs are getting planted on the Embassy grounds. The weather is totally unpredictable -- lots of on and off short rain spells, dark skies, or sun peeking through. Pictures to come soon.

The arm has finally aligned itself from the 45 degree angle and is mostly straight. Now we wait for the bone healing of the spiral crack. Sigh. It's a very long haul that will continue for some months. Ibuprofen, heating pad for the shoulder issues - not so much fun.

On the needles: Got one Priscilla sock done -- too large (man's medium) but it will be a great oversock for the winter. Thought I wouldn't have enough yarn for the second sock so ordered another skein in a semi-close color in Koigu to then find more yarn hiding in the mess of my study/sewing room.

Working on Nancy Bush's quick and fun knitted cuffs she had in some back Piecework magazines -- the one I'm working on now is Sept/October 2006 knitted patchwork cuffs with Hand Jive/Nature's Palette Fingering Yarn which I order from Purl. The yarn is perfect for future mittens, so I really like it a lot.

I ball wound more 4 skeins of the Hand Jive for another set of different knitted cuffs. There will be quite a bit left over, so I'm thinking of using it for some knitted gloves from the May 2007 website of Piecework magazine -- would have to make the gloves a little more multicolored to stretch the colors out -- we'll see. Or even making granny squares: see next para.

I continue to spend way too much time blog trolling, and am currently trying to think if I really want to make a mitered afghan as was done on January One. Ssee all of April to see what she did. Then she starts the Larger than Life Bag from Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet -- yikes! Granny squares back in style! Wonder where my old blue afghan is -- worked on that a lot when we first got married.