15 July, 2007

Life goes on: Arm surgery and the rest

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At the end of May the orthopedist in London decided the arm wasn't healing properly so off we went again to London for surgery, two erector set plates and 12 screws. And a long scar, of course.


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Actually, it all went well. I had a private room, 2 nights in the hospital, 10+ days in London "in case of complications", lots of TLC from the Embassy London medevac people and gorgeous x-rays to show all my new hardware. In the end, it was good that I went -- I now also have "British bone" from the UK bone bank in me, so I obviously needed patching up. And it was all "just unlucky" -- every doctor has told me that this bone usually heals.

And, in spite of what the doctor said would happen, I DO NOT set off alarms through security at airports. The best bonus!

Spent my birthday a few days after the surgery with the most wonderful birthday cake from Selfridges. We didn't eat the cake, but saved it to take back to Astana. It mostly survived the suitcase with a break in the "tart". Now I just have to find a polka dot teapot!

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I also received a lovely denim-colored Parker pen, a snazzy journal notebook and more goodies. We stayed at the London Grosvenor Square Marriott hotel, so our big decisions every day were where to eat and how far I could walk, stamina wise.

We were right up the street from lots of restaurants, so we had a lot of Italian food, 3 trips to the local Lebanese place for falafel and of course Starbucks for breakfast. We of course left London with the requisite large Starbucks London mug. John has one from San Francisco.

So then back to Astana for a little bit, and then on to ....

Bear Valley!