05 May, 2007

Already May...

And I need to post Easter pictures and more. Spring was long in coming here -- finally have green on the birch trees.

Arm still "broken" -- next x-ray due in 2 weeks. Still painful. Still boring. But I'm much more independent.

Finished "campus" scarf in Karaoke but need to block it or steam it at the least.

Restarting "Priscilla's Dream Socks" in fuschia Kiogu which I frogged a while back.

Found knitting notebook so I can finish Irie's Grapevine Socks. Sewing room/office a mess of magazines and papers that have been piling up.

Reading LOTS of knitting blogs and found Bloglines easier to keep track of things I really want to look at often. Still keeping Blogarithm.com for sites that don't have feeds.

Hubby no longer POW at home taking care of me and is starting to travel again. I'll even go down to Almaty in a week or so!

Read The Friday Night Knitting CLub; reading Mockingbird