08 March, 2007

First (arm) check up

Showed a tiny bit of an edge of the break starting to move up properly. Saw a side view of the long part of the break -- saw enough to get a quesy stomach.

So ... it's going to be a long haul. Did get permission to start moving my arm as much/little as I can,which means I may also sit and try and knit.

Thank goodness the ruffles scarf is easy and brainless and I can manage a few rows at a time. The funny thing is that I really love wooden needles, but NOW is when I should have slippery metal needles. When I next get a brain/some emergy I'll go and try and look to see if I have any needles "out" that aren't packed away in the closet full of huge tupperware containers of fiberart things. Otherwise, maybe I should order some nice straight Addi needles as a treat -- do they come in "straight" sizes?

It will be a while though before I can pick up on my grapevine socks. Right now "moving my arm" means taking it out of the neck sling and placing it on the laptop keyboard or placing it on my stomach. Interesting on how the muscles work -- the break is high, but below the shoulder, but there still soft tissue swelling in the elbow area etc.

Am slowly getting through "The Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick. Shocking how different the "truth" is from the 2nd grade stories of the landing at Plymouth. Saw in a Nov New Yorker that the History channel had a program on the subject, so we are going to try and see if it's available on Amazon.