08 March, 2007

International Women's Day - March 8

Today is International Women's Day. and the Embassy has a four day bridge holiday. That means if we were a "local" company, in order to get a three day weekend, one would have to work on Sunday. But Embassies don't work on Sunday, so everyone here gets a four day weekend.

Flowers, chocolates and often gifts are exchanged. Our staff gave me my favorite Vichy body lotion and a lovely card, and a whole group of Kz employees gave me flowers. I gave our staff chocolate and pashmina shawls that Eileen had brought back from Istanbul, and had the Front Office OMSs and the Protocol assistants for lunch with the added bonus of a delicious home made devil's food cake by Galiya!

The Embassy newsletter has a chronology of the history of Women's Day. The newsletter is sitting around here somewhere -- when I find it, I'll give a synopsis.