03 March, 2007

Some past knitting


I finished this up at Bear Valley for Julia. It's a rich dark green tweed -- bigger than it shows in the photo. ALso finished a Claudia's Handpaint long textured scarf: a little scratchy, but quite warm. That particular pattern was a lot of fun, and very fast on large needles with a skein of Handpaint and a skein of Brown Sheep.

Started the ruffle scarf from Scarf Style in fuschia Karoke soy wool, and it is something I can actually work on very slowly with my broken arm. The soy silk wool actually has a "fake" feeling to it -- I'm not sure I'd make anything large with it again, as in a garment, but it's fine for a scarf. I want the scarf to be long, so I had already ordered 2 more balls before I left for London. We'll see how many feet 5 balls make. It will be interesting blocking the thing a little -- it's quite curly. It probably would be stunning in alpaca or cashmere though!

I'm making great progress today: I'm actually typing this with two hands with the computer resting on my lap supporting my right hand. No way I could do this at my regular desk though. Getting dressed is still painful and exhausting -- I certainly feel wimpy!

We had a beautiful moon out last night, and then realized we missed a lunar eclipse -- at 4:00 am. Sorry: I was sleeping!! Otherwise, we've had cold weather but two days of no "wind" -- meaning lots of pollution. Bright sunshine, snow, and ice. My friend in Paris tells me things are blooming!
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