08 December, 2006

Grapevine socks -- One down

These are pretty gorgeous ... now to start the next one so I may actually be able to wear them at Bear Valley.


I must have thin ankles ... this is the third set of socks I've made and they are all too loose at the ankles, so I obviously need to take a next pair in. These will be great though for boot socks with a liner. The yarn is soft and non-scratchy, too.



I worked these on 3 or 4 different types of needles, trying the two circular needles method for the first time. I don't have size 0 Addis, so I've used another brand whose join isn't fabulous, and also found a European Inox metal pair. Unfortunately, both pairs are long and they get fussy and in the way, so I switched back and forth with wooden dpns. I ordered some Addis, they arrived during our frustrating move in, and I can't find them. Maybe when we move out? Posted by Picasa