07 January, 2011

Forward thinking

I've "stopped" for the day.  Errand running twice, laundry, putting holiday things away and more ... I'm "done".

But one of my errand stops was at the bookstore, where I bought a stack of current quilting magazines.  I won't allow myself to even LOOK at them until I get some order back into my life, but I sure would like to think about maybe getting into the "other half" of my sewing closet and getting some fabric and some UFOs out -- maybe by the end of January.

The photo above is what my closet looked like when I unpacked things two years ago but you wouldn't believe how some knitting items have migrated into the "spaces" ... it is "packed" full. 

The photo above is "one" shelf of some of my quilting books ... has Ruth B. McDowell written anything lately?

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