01 December, 2010

Traveling down Memory Lane

I was here on the blog looking for some photos, and had a great trip "down memory lane" of projects, photos, moving angsts and our "past life."  It was so much fun to "look back" that I think I'll try and resurrect some blogging.

The internet is moving so fast that for a while it seemed that social networks would totally take over blogging.  I know I spend a LOT of time reading knitting related tweets on Twitter and checking in on Facebook.  But there are still many who blog, and I try and look at some of them, too.

So ... fast forward to December 1, 2010 - today. 

We are up in the mountains, happy with a lot of snow.  We came up on a Friday afternoon and drove to our normal "front door" parking place.  Within 3 hours, it started snowing, and over the next few days it snowed a TON.  Then there were a few days of sunshine, then more snow.  Then more sunshine.  Anywhere from 6-9 feet of snow fell, depending of which expert one consults :)

We also had a lovely Thanksgiving up here with a crowd that happily hosts us each year (I brought the usual Sacrament sweet potato casserole and my Cranberry jewel cookies).  The ski area opened the day after Thanksgiving, and the skiers were happy with the fresh powder and nice weather for the day.

We're keeping busy up here with the usual "listening to the radio," reading (on Kindle/iPAd and computers), doing lots of dishes (no dishwasher),  and thinking of things to make life up here at 7250ft/2210m "easier" (which includes marathon conversations time-wise with AT&T when there is an internet issue).

I have plenty of knitting things with me, but sometimes, not enough.  It got cold one day (-8C) and I wanted to make a warm hat, but didn't have large dpns with me (although I have all my circulars).  After a lot of looking, I found a pattern that would match some yarn and needles that I Do have up here:   Gretel by Ysolda -- so I'm making that now.  I'm trying it in some bulky di. Ve Autunno.  It is 100% merino, and has an "almost Malabrigo worsted" feel to it.  I'm just hoping for  something very warm! The cable pattern is SO much fun so I can see myself knitting this hat again.  I've ordered a new "poofy" winter parka that is "mulberry" so I'll need to do another one anyway in purple or gray -- this red won't match :)

So ... enough for today.  We are having people for dinner tomorrow night, but want to do a "test run" tonight of Czech dumplings that we hope to serve with roast pork.  I was in Prague this summer for a month with John (who was there a LOT longer).  The favorite meal for the staff to fix for guests was roast duck, Czech dumplings, and red cabbage.  We are going for another traditional meal -- the roast pork and dumplings.  Not sure if we'll serve/make the traditional gravy though!

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