01 December, 2010

Advent KALs on Ravelry

For those who celebrate Christmas, Advent this year started on November 28.  I'm "thinking about" 3 mystery KALs -- Stephanie van den Linen socks, and two scarfs here and here .

I've started the socks in The Woolen Rabbit Harmony sock yarn but find the chart "too easy" LOL to keep my interest for very long.  I'm sure I'll continue it, in spite of the "rose" color.  The second clue will be this Sunday.  

I have two yarns in mind for the scarfs -- one a red Madelinetosh tosh lace and the second, a soft light light greenish color of Whisper Merino Lace, from the Woolen Rabbit.   The Whisper is in "time out" at the moment as winding it was NO fun without a swift -- at a very generous 1700 yards and some mild tangles, it took forever.  I was not amused, so I need to find an inexpensive swift to keep my 'spare" ball winder company up here at the cabin.



Anonymous said...

I'm doing the first advent scarf. It's fun so far! Overstock.com has an inexpensive swift right now!

MaryjoO said...

thanks for the overstock tip ... running over there right now! And the scarf ... not sure when I'll start it LOL but I'm downloading everything. Need to check in with YOUR blog to get my doggie fix .... :)