15 April, 2010


Spring in Sacramento was actually in almost-full-force in March, but we were up in the mountains in a LOT of snow.

Now that we are back, I'm slightly overwhelmed at my self-imposed "to do" list, including trying to make some order in the scruffy green "stuff" we have in our garden.

But we were thrilled to come home to Aunt Cornelia's irises blooming! The bulbs came from my husband's late aunt's home in Angels Camp, Ca, and had been transplanted a few times by Annie, our cousin-in-law. She generous gave me some bulbs last year, so I've planted them in a few places around our back perimeter. The photo is the iris that I can see as I stand at the window behind our kitchen sink. We definitely feel we "lucked out" with this house -- the windows give us lovely views of the greenery around us.

I'm slowly starting to spring "tidy up" my sewing room; each item "out of place" seems to take a lot of "order prep" to get it where I think I might know where it will/should go. Thank goodness for Ravelry project notes: I frogged a slightly started project and luckily had written down the name of one of the yarns used. I had thought it was something else.

I worked on three projects during our last mountain stay. They mostly in their last half of work. Here is a photo of the first sock of Vym from the 2010 spring/summer Twist Collective.  I've modified the pattern slightly because I added more on the leg part, which meant changing the Komi colorwork pattern on the foot somewhat.  This is the first time I've done a "patterned" gusset, and like the process a lot!

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