13 September, 2009

September -- YIKES!

Where did August go?

All in all, I was busy enough enjoying nice weather, a two week visit from my son, a Labor Day weekend drive to Santa Cruz to see family and surprisingly not getting a lot of knitting done. Hmmmm... My sister-in-law and I did have a fun time teaching ourselves how to do Wendy's Generic toe up socks on dpns though! And she also made a knock-out belated birthday dinner for my son -- chocolate cake and all!

Happy Birthday again, Chris!

My current two knitting projects:
Bandelier Socks from Interweave Knits Fall 2009

as soon as I can put these socks down, I'll continue with the fascinating
"Miss Sophie's Hands" by Julia Mueller on Ravelry

and you can have fun by looking at this to see why we are all giggling as we knit this pattern!

But September has now arrived here in the mountains (where I still am) -- cooler weather came in yesterday, and the aspen are starting to say: it is autumn!


Maria said...

Gorgeous socks!!!

Aren't sisters the best???

Pinneguri said...

What a cake your sil made, wow! I have MY birthday in April by the way ... ;p)