15 August, 2009

Summer jobs and history

I have a great job this summer in the Hamptons -- errr -- the MOUNTAINS in the CA Sierra.

My job: just enjoying the cabin/home we have up here.

The weather has been quite strange: very warm, then cold, then warming up, then cold enough last night to have to bring the plants in. Booming wind gusts yesterday with a name that I've never heard of: brontides.

Today I'm trying to warm up a little (although there is plenty of sunshine), and am


while watching the You-Tube channel of Kcensia Simonova. It is brilliant, fascinating and sobering. It is obvious that in the "Ukraine's Got Talent" audience, she struck a cord with people who had parents and grandparents who lived during the Soviet era. Her videos could be quick cuts of old Soviet movies from World War II. Quite touching.

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