04 July, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

It is so wonderful to be in the US for the 4th of July ... and we are just BBQing for ourselves with steak, corn, and European style potato salad. While our past 4th of Julys have been wonderful, they have also often involved multiple official receptions, sometimes even having to fly to another city to host one!

But in the spirit of things, here is the returned traveling family member in a "American Chamber of Commerce" t-shirt

He returned just in time to fix some computer glitches (but I still have a very hot computer, sigh). But he also brought lots of lovely little prezzies:

And while I cringe at the idea of Starbucks in Vienna, I am happy to have this mug to go with our city collection, with my justification that the size makes for great lattes!


Anonymous said...

Great little prezzies! Enjoy the cake and a coffee out of the new cup. The petit point purse is lovely!
All the best
PS whipped cream goes would be perfect with hte cake

be*mused jan said...

I had to laugh at your Starbucks comment, Maryjo. I, too, collect those mugs and while down in SC for the wedding last week, my son gifted me with two more from his recent travels...the Philippines and Hawaii!

Jackie said...

Our friend Walt had a huge collection of Starbucks mugs, from all over, Val still has them.

Is that a 'real' sachertorte? Lovely. I've made a version of one several times in the past, but the real sachertorte recipe is still a family secret I think.

Anonymous said...

I came here to find the like for the german addi advert.. but couldn't.. but was so happy to find all the goodies you got .. i'm so jealeous.. i haven't been to austria since 1993 or german since 1998.. am soooo homesick! :-(
eyeknit4u58 ravelry