27 May, 2009

Testing .... one two three ... me

I hope I will be sane by the end of the week. You don't have to read this if you don't want to: it is just whining about computer issues.

We are getting a new roof, and the roofers come at 7:00 am, bang like #@$%%^, shake the ceiling and house, and make a huge racket. They work for 4 hours, by which time my nerves are shot.

And this morning I was afraid my computer was fried or dying -- it wouldn't even let me log on. The battery has been acting up (as in not charging but overheating, in spite of me always using the computer with the power cord). Finally figured out how to remove the battery and hopefully save the computer from totally overheating.

Finally got into the computer, but then it wouldn't print or allow a USB plug to copy Roboform passwords: had to get those passwords off before the computer totally died. Long distance overseas phone calls to resident-but-traveling computer guru helped a lot. Put computer up on a book to see if that helps the ever-running-fan issue.

Went out for breakfast, and finally had the nerve to restart the computer. Came up fine, printed fine. Keeping my fingers crossed. Soothing nerves by trolling group posts on Ravelry WHILE

waiting for handyman to call and tell me he is coming to fix plumbing issue that is not an emergency, so he has been busy elsewhere.

Roofers come back tomorrow at 7:00 am. Have to go get more computer printer paper, a new ink cartridge for Kodak color printer, and maybe a new camera card. What did we do before all this technology?

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