24 May, 2009

A breather for me, and fun photos from Vienna

I'm back from the lovely and now clean cabin, and hope to spend the rest of the day knitting.

It is a three day weekend here in the US to celebrate Memorial Day, formerly Decoration Day. Americans do honor the past and their loved ones, but they also use this weekend as the "first official day of summer", and try and get outside. I did my bit by taking a nice loop walk in the nearby area by the American river -- wild lupines are starting to dry up, native California yellow poppies are out, and unfortunately, pukh is still stuck to the side-of-the-path rocks.

The other family member is in Vienna, and used some nice weather there to take some great photos. Today he took a series of "signs" photos, and obviously thought of me with these two
(a sweater store)

(a photo of my on-going smaltzy love of geraniums)

(a continual example of globalization, sigh)

I'm about to dig my "Kiila" socks pattern out of my traveling knitting bag and sit and work on it the rest of the day. The pattern is on the Ravelry knitting site. I'll continue to listen to the Knitlark Lane podcast series while I'm working on the sock: she is reading Notre Dame de Paris/The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the beginning episodes. So I've already learned that Notre Dame de Paris was THE original title, and how to pronounce fleur de lis correctly!

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Dee D said...

Love the geranium photo.