10 April, 2009

Technology 101 with Facebook and Twitter

I admit I've been VERY slow to sign up for Facebook and Twitter -- there isn't enough time in the day/week/month to be online constantly, and I'm online plenty with Ravelry. I can't even keep up with blog readings, even with an RSS reader.

Anyway, for family reasons it was fun to get onto Facebook, although I find it slightly voyeuristic.

But today I'm inside a warm house, surrounded by more Sierra snow, and playing with "following" people on Twitter. At first I found it difficult to find my favorite knitting "businesses", but quickly realized that once you find a major "name," you can check their "followers" and find others that you have been looking for.

But what is the etiquette of "following" individuals when they have their own names up as well as their business/craft names, as in the case of Jess and Casey from Ravelry? I really don't need to know their personal Twitter stuff, but do want their Ravelry updates.

And another question: why are many more people on Twitter than Facebook? Is it just easier?

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aija said...

I had to sign up for facebook (family reasons) too-- I just don't like the idea of how open it is and don't use it at all.

I like twitter though, I use it only to follow knitters/fiber people though. I follow back all the people (knitters) who follow me, and occasionally search as well-- but my follow list is getting hard to stay on top of as it is :)

Ravelry has its own twitter status-- "ravelrystatus". I follow that along with their personal twitter accts too :)