27 March, 2009

Teaching Old Dogs new tricks

I've been participating in an free online class sponsored by Schoolhouse Press and taught by Joyce Williams -- Two Socks on Two Circulars.

Well, it's been enlightening: how to cast your toes on with two circulars, and then yesterday, doing a short row heel with yarn overs, and knitting backwards. The heels came out nicely, although I'm not exactly sure that the YOs sit the "right" way. But I'm just thrilled there are no holes :) So now I get to knit some more, then start the cuff. The cuff will have to be pretty "plain," probably a k2 p2 rib, because I'm using Shibuiknits Sock which doesn't have a ton of yardage.

But it has been fun, the socks are comfy, and I'll definitely do this again, with a pattern on the foot or something!


Dee D said...

The heels look really good, but it all sounds confusing - two socks at once with two circular needles.

Anonymous said...

Knitting backwards! Whew! Sounds fiddly :)
I love to hear that in the end all turned out fine!


.. who's still so nervous about the package not turning up..