25 March, 2009

Historical reenactment clothing -- по-русски

Sewing clothing needed for historical reenactments in the US is a venerable pastime/hobby.

This book of mine, Russian national wedding costumes c2003, would fit the bill for someone who wants to reproduce some of the traditional outfits.

Among the many lovely ensembles is this one, with mittens!

the model shows a simple linen "jacket", graced by a paisley shawl.
(scroll down the link almost to the bottom third to see the loveliness of a real shawl of that era and description)
Russian women were not immune to the fashion necessity of owning an authentic paisley shawl in the middle 1880's, but the price was high: it is said that a shawl that covered one's gown completely could cost a boyar (merchant) a year's salary.

But ... back to the mittens. I have to say I never saw ANY mittens displayed in Moscow in the folk art museums or in museum textile archives that I was privileged to visit. So I was thrilled to see these mittens made up for this book, along with charts:

Men are not forgotten in this book -- there are photos of traditional wedding shirts for them, and in the back, complete "schematics" for making your own!

Diehard sewing enthusiasts can find some Russian "reproduction clothing" patterns at Folkwear: there is a Russian settler's dress and shirts of Russia and Ukraine.

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