11 February, 2009

Making progress, finally

We are back from attending services for my mother in Washington, and made a huge push today to get the floor cleared in the dining room and living room (see this posting).

So empty boxes were taken to the garage, tops found for Tupperware containers, and then it was time to bring in the "picture" boxes and unwrap paintings, pictures and photos. We were able to hang about 1/4 of the items we are keeping before we ran out of picture hooks!

But while the handyman-aka husband was drilling holes, I was dusting and polishing and arranging "things." Here are a few items that I challenged myself to "try" to get decent photos of:

silver museum replica of a Norwegian sugar spoon, bought in Voss, Norway, for my spoon collection

large "planet" paperweight from art glass collection of Josh Simpson

Russian salt cellars

1 comment:

Jackie said...

That is a beautiful spoon, I have a small collection of spoons - somewhere - can't remember where I've put them, but I would need to get a display holder for them anyway.

The little salt cellars are really pretty, I used to have one tiny silver one on three legs that had belonged to my great grandmother, but it disappeared back in the 60's, I think someone swiped it.

My grandmother had a next door neighbour who collected glass paperweights, and as a child I was fascinated by them. I have one solitary one that has a dandelion seed head embedded in it.