20 November, 2008

What a wimp I am ... more on moving

thinking that moving was HIGH up on the "stress list" of life events ...

According to this list it is only #20 out of 100. Sheesh.

We're still up at Bear Valley, but now have all of our three shipments of "things" waiting for us. Two deliveries will arrive Monday and Tuesday of next week. After that, we have to concentrate on buying/ordering/putting furniture together.

The last overseas shipment of our items in Kazakhstan will be delivered mid-December. I can't imagine we have enough space to get all three shipments of boxes at once!

It is truly wonderful that everything is here, but until it is all "done" it is ... shall I say, stressful.

We will be going back and forth to the mountains for Thanksgiving dinner and until we can get a washer and dryer and beds. Sleeping bags will come in handy for a night or two down in Sacramento!

Although I have had knitting "start-itis" up here, it does mean I do have enough ongoing projects to grab on the run as we are going back and forth between places. Hopefully I can take a "couple" of breaks and de-stress by knitting while unpacking.

If you don't hear from me in a while, this will be my "wish" mantra:

(poster from Knit Cafe blog)


Anonymous said...

I wish you a stressless as moving can be next week! Keep up with your mantra and in the end it won't take that long until most is back to normal and there is more knitting time, eh?



Julia said...

Good luck mom! Call me if you need to vent.

be*mused jan said...

*I feel your pain*...lol
It takes longer than you expect. Just try to go with the flow!