05 August, 2008

Packing, laptops, and knitting peeks

Today I'm in a fog from PT yesterday and seem to be on round #3 of sorting closets and drawers, but this time it is great: it is either throw out or put in a container, and move on. That also means dumping out old vitamins, Kirkland ibuprofen and more.

My husband and I both have Dell XPS laptops; his is newer than mine and had some major issues. Turns out that you really shouldn't use these laptops ON YOUR LAP as they tend to overheat, and there is one section inside in particular that is vulnerable to frying and messing up everything.

Unfortunately, that is not good news for me as the desk where I am typing this is a tad bit high for my arm to be comfortable for long, so I've had to restrict my on line time while I'm doing this very aggressive PT. (Picture the inside of a piano where the strings have been pulled together by a giant and then picture someone else trying to ply the strings apart ... that's my doctor with my muscles. Not fun).

I'm taking a tiny break and looking at Flickr and Ravelry photos - there are some fabulous ones today:
Zebraknits Arch shaped socks
terhimon's Jitterbug colored socks

anNu's fair isle socks

reeniebeanie's Turkish stocking
and from weaverknits
a great mitten

and in case you missed it, a new online knitting site with patterns to purchase
the twist collective

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CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I usually put a big hard-cover book on my lap and place the laptop on top of it. This way the air can circulate and help cool down the machine.
Good luck with packing!