02 August, 2008

Lolly's Project Spectrum project

Lolly's Project spectrum project is now starting 8 weeks of "water" elements - you can knit/stitch/read about/write about/think about "water" -- she also has designated blue,black and purple as colors to work with.

Hmm ... those lingering mittens will fit in LOL! Mittens keep out snow, which, after all, is water. And mine are also blue.

I do like baby blue and light seafoam blue and light teal, too.

One note on water: I've always been amazed at how different countries view "water."
Americans throw tons of food out every day, but we go nuts if we see dripping or running water from non-working taps or pipes. Others are horrified at how we so casually view food that might be slightly old or bruised, but are not bothered by the running (lost) water.

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