17 August, 2008

Mittens from Schoolhouse Press May KAL done

thanks to Ravelry
and the Works In Progress Wrestling event in the RavelOlympics!

I've decided I'm not good under knitting deadlines -- the thumbs could have been much better. I also duplicate stitched the one color on the middle of the sun pattern on the thumb, thinking it would be easier. Didn't like it much, and next time I'll just knit it in as I did for the rest of the mitten.

Live and learn, but these will get packed DONE, thank goodness!


be*mused jan said...

They look wonderful, Maryjo! You really learned a lot on these, didn't you? I have yet to tackle fringe (which I may never...the thought of it at my wrist makes me itch) or the braiding, which I would like to learn. Maybe next pair!

Francesca said...

They are beautiful; I love the color palette.
Knitting deadlines are something I can't handle either and I've never even tried to knit to an external deadline such as a KAL. If I could, perhaps my pile of UFO would be smaller. :)

Hobbygåsa said...

They are so beautiful, congrats on a very well done job!