21 August, 2008

Empty spaces

exist in my office/sewing room which is now cleaned up, although you'd never know it considering I have a shawl blocking on the floor and wool strewn around the table by the ball winder trying to figure out which yarn to use for this year's

I never did the other stoles by Pink Lemon Twist but they are available for pay download if I am so inclined.

See Pink Lemon's Twist Aug 1 posting for details about the Yahoo group for the Mystery Stole 4.

I like the ideas of these KALs -- they are given out in 6 sections. But I'm still deciding what yarn to use -- I tried a swatch of the Russian cobweb and it felt a little coarse, so I may just have to use some of my Misti Alpaca. I just can't do the beads -- we'll be in suitcases, hotels, cars, planes and automobiles -- so beads would just be asking for a meltdown from moi. And knitting is not supposed to be stressful, right?

P.S. LATER: It looks like I'll be using cream Misti Alpaca, but plain ... I just think it would drive me crazy. So I found some beads, found some tiny crochet hooks -- we'll see! (the instructions use dental floss to help with the beads/stitching -- can't wait to find out what that's all about! )

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