05 April, 2008

Trip around the world - TIF April

Reality check. Free time to sew? not much. Have been thinking about colors for TIF month, and I do have fabrics that will work. But my "eyes" are always bigger than what time we have alloted each month and I have worried since April 1 about what I could get done this month.

Going through my Bloglines lines-up this morning, I found the Purl Bee's latest post about using wool felt squares for a trip around the world quilt. I actually have two sets of their felt packets I bought to make a pincushion, so tomorrow I'll try and find them and see if I could make something mini-mini with what I have.

Speaking of trip around the world, I'm enjoying two gift books: my Japanese friend contacted the Japanese quilter Reiko Yamaguchi and told her of my admiration for her book, and then I was SENT that book and another. For myself. Photos to follow later. I'm in awe. And her art quilts are all hand-sewn from fabrics from old kimonos.


fluffbuff said...

Pictures, please!

freebird said...

I wasn't too fond of the colors chosen for this month's TIF so I am going to use "my ability to change some things" and add the blue, green and yellow I see in the picture!

I love wool felt. It would be interesting to see your quilt done up with it. I'll have to add your blog to my list so I can keep up with it.