31 March, 2008

TIF April

Sharon B sure knows how to keep her group on its toes with the April theme of "change" and this color palette.

Change for us is usually good in the big sense: we often move to a new country and city, learn about a new culture and sometimes learn a new language. I can take these huge changes easily, but then also realize I don't like small surprises in the messy details of life. Interesting.

Her colors are not exactly what I was hoping for as we are finally saying farewell to winter, but I think I actually may have some fabric that might work.

But for a change, I wanted to get a fresh start to the month and get going on something, so later today I'll check the fabric tubs.

1 comment:

fluffbuff said...

Isn't it interesting how it's the small things that mess us up the most? I can also take big changes in a stride, as long as I can keep my little rituals and routines. No one's to mess with my quiet breakfast or wear perfume around me…