27 March, 2008

Who says knitters can't do it all?

If you have a blog, then I know you read other people's blogs. We all start out reading blogs about subjects we are interested in. Then ... you have to "restrict" yourself because there isn't enough time in the day to keep up with the news, your hobbies, or crafts, or art, or geek tech stuff, or even the ever popular food blogs.

I've been reading 101 Cookbooks and Chocolate & Zucchini for a while, check into The Kitchn for eye candy and recipes, rely on the always turns-out baking from Dorie Greenspan and Rose Levy Beranbaum and take a peek at Paris Breakfasts for her daily art and drooling photos of cafe food and seasonal window treatments in Paris.

Take a look at a new food blog from a knitter: Tanta Robina She's a knitter, very active on Ravelry.com, and about to start culinary school!

I'm thrilled she'll be sharing her adventures with us! Her first couple of postings of Italian food terms and a review of a cookbook with avocado, beet and pumpkin tahinis has me looking forward to a lot more!

I'm still working on the crocheted 12-sided snowflake - slow work, surprisingly or it's just my free time is just limited at the moment.


Heather said...

That's so neat that you had a dog who looked like mine! Someone else suggested she might have cocker spaniel in her, the slight brown cast to her fur in bright light made me think Golden Retriever, but who knows, maybe Cocker? I do hope she turns out to be as lovely as your dog sounds.

And I like your 12 pointed star!

Wendy said...

Great, another site to add to my morning procrastination! Thanks for the link.