12 January, 2008

Weekend sewing?

I'm sitting here Sunday am in my exercise clothes, but haven't hit the DVD "start" button yet.

While checking on the TIF challenge blogs, I saw this (one of 3 or 4) button from Knitting Daily and I started laughing: I try and knit daily, but only get a little bit done each time.

Yesterday I went to one of the local sewing shops. No linen or muslin or anything "light" -- why would you buy/need those types of fabrics when it's -25C out? So later on I'll have to see what is in my stash. I did a big purging about 2 years ago and got rid of some plain things, so the only linen left is white white, and I don't dye.

Will have to think of some other background, as the month is marching on.

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verobirdie said...

Thank you for this link! Great patterns. Hope I can convert instructions to French...