13 January, 2008

TIF: Background in silk

I really like the simplicity of this previous photo -- the circles on top of the book.

Frustrated by a slow internet, I decided I'd better start stash-looking for some background fabric. Low and behold: another silk ikat (plain) piece that is exactly the color I was looking for. I was also able to find some coarser linen for the backing -- luckily the color is immaterial -- I just want the "feel."
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Not sure what I'll use for a batting yet. I did find some European Viselene but wonder if that will be too slippery and too thin.

The silk is very densely woven and fine, and my winter hands feel almost as if they will "catch" the silk. I'll have to use a fine needle as not to "pop" a hole, too.

Some pieces of the plainer colored silk ikat from Uzebekestan are sold in 1.75meter lengths/30cm widths with long fringes (from taking the fabric off the looms). Oops --looking through my "silks" tub I see pieces of different widths. But I do seem to have a couple of the same length/width.

Sometimes I feel like "Marco Polo" -- what came first along the Silk Road? The painted-on warp pieces are usually narrow. They are stunning.

But this is NOT from Uzebekstan, although perhaps the pattern is. The photo was taken in south-west China, in Kashi/Kashgar. And this is the WARP, ready to be woven.

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Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Maryjoo, your compostion and material is beautiful.I have worked with very thin silk too. I have ironed it on thin interfacing ( vliseline). you can try a little piece first? I will help a lot to sew the circles on.