01 January, 2008

Take It Further challenge: Circle Play

I finally was able to spend some moments thinking about Sharon B's Take It Further Challenge. I have a complicated life, so I already knew that I didn't want to undertake something so involved I wouldn't complete anything. I had already decided to use her "color themes" concept each month.

So I started pulling out quilting books with "color wheel help." On top of the pile are two books by Joen Wolfrom:

The book pile goes on.

One of our participants described the colors to me as "lavender and olive", so I thought about lavender sachets and delicious marinated olives.

But, it's winter, so I thought of something smoky frosty receding into a (greyed) purple background something, with a tiny bit of green. Or... or...or! Decisions! I haven't even pulled any fabric or thread out.

But I will use ideas from this book

I have many choices of fabrics waiting to be used. The format is extremely simple to set up, so I can then add some stitching ... of something.

After seeing the blog Spirit Cloth I have new found respect for the word "stitch" - Jude does some of the most original stitching I've ever seen.

And I still have MAJOR knitting WIPs to work on, too.

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jude said...

hey, thank you. i have a bad flu so i am a bit slow getting started on the challenge...i haven't decided which way to go.